The Truth About Who I Am (in broader terms)

After several years away from the blog, I am still verklempt when I receive an email from someone who has read something that made a difference.

You can take a look around and see clearly that at one point I was pretty prolific in my writing and my devotion to this site was nothing if not staunch.

I raised more than a few eyebrows when I suggested that we should have gone for civil unions instead of marriage. An opinion that I have since changed. Screw 'em.

I initially had to abandon the site because of a business project that needed my full time attention, but I stayed away for an all together different reason.

I had become too mired in the negativity that can sometimes permeate activism on any level no matter how well intended.

In a nutshell: I stooped to their level.

Pushing against hatred does not eradicate it. It does not make the hater feel shame, guilt or any culpability.

Resisting anything only serves to make it larger. 

Like begets like.

You want to invite me to an anti war demonstration and you'll be amazed at how quickly I decline.

Mention a pro peace rally and I'm there.

So the truth about who I am goes well beyond the tag of lesbian. I view myself and others in a much broader non physical sense of Source energy. And my alignment with that is more important than anything I could ever write here against Fred Phelps or the AFA


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  • 9/17/2011 6:42 PM Rose wrote:
    Glad to see you're writing here again. I love reading your f/b comments and the quotes and links that you share. I especially love when you elaborate...on nearly any're such a prolific writer with a voice that simply roars to be heard! As well it should be... keep writing!!
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